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K BD5 drama 2 Izumos Room

Izumos Room

Izumo: Today, our first guest wishes to appear under the pseudonym Blue-san. You do police-related work, it is quite a dangerous line of work nowadays, you probably have a lot of worries.
Reishi: Yes, indeed, I have quite a few of them. Speaking purely hypothetically, let us assume I have a friend who is like a huge bomb and gradually losing control over himself, probably due to being surrounded by unreasonable hoodlums who understand nothing and act purely on impulses.
Izumo: Oh, you dont say On the other hand, though, has a thought that it might be exactly because your friend is among the kindred spirits that he is able to maintain his self-control never occurred to you? Speaking purely hypothetically, at the very least, they are better than the likes of a person who throws someone into a jail and still ties to disguise himself as his friend after that.
Reishi: What a valuable piece of advice I am greatly obliged to you for it.
Izumo: No, no, dont mention it.
Reishi: But then again, I have to wonder how much a piece of advice telling me not to work on that friend of mine and not to take any measures and just leave everything as it is could be worth
Izumo: Geh, erm You could view it like that, too, I suppose Nothing less from a person doing police-related work, your insight is really sharp and perfectly logical.
Reishi: No, no.
Izumo: Still, I daresay, that perfect logic might be what drives your friend into a corner before you even know it, so maybe more consideration towards his wishes would be in order, too.
Reishi: Indeed. You might have a point. But, I daresay, that consideration is what robs him of the means to maintain self-control, and, as a result, drives him to his downfall. It may be that such a choice is the case of getting the priorities backwards and mistaking the cause for the end.
Izumo: Gih! Well, you are quite right. It would have been so much easier if what the cause is and what the end is could be clearly determined by outsiders and that dear friend of yours docilely obeyed to what those outsiders decided for him.
Reishi: Weeeell hahahaha. *unleashes his power *
Izumo: Indeed hehehehe. *releases his flames *
Reishi: It looks like our time is up, though. I shall use the numerous advice you have given me as a possible reference. A very hypothetical reference.
Izumo: Of course, Im happy if I was of service to you. Today I wasnt able to be a hospitable host, however. Come to think of it, I even forgot to offer you tea.
Reishi: Thats quite all right, you dont have to fuss over me.
Izumo: Well, see you next time then!

Izumo: Ehm, so, our second guest today goes under the pseudonym Heartless Woman.
Seri: Stop calling me that, I told you many times already, didnt I?
Izumo: Well, Seri-chan, then.
Seri: Why do you have to attach -chan? Do your work seriously, didnt they tell you this last time, too?
Izumo: Its fine as it is! And you could have comforted me a little, y'know? Your superior was really mean to me just now, y'know? Here, anko for you as a little extra service from me.
Seri: Khm. To me, it looked like you both went out of your way to throw insults at each other. Well, Ill take the anko, though. Thanks. Now come on, get on with it.
Izumo: With you ordering me around like this, its hard to say which one of us is the host here Em, so, is there something that troubles you?
Seri: There is. Looootsa things.
Izumo: Lotsa?
Seri: Yes, looootsa. Like shrewd overbearing superiors who love to always get their way. And after getting manipulated and abused by them, I have to cover for my subordinates who love to do things in their own pace way too much. And then
Izumo: Wha, theres more?
Seri: Much more! I told you upfront, didnt I?! For example, the government that always curries the favor with His Excellency, yet tries to make lapdogs out of us; or the police that try to get in our way because they think its their territory; or the National Defence Force that keeps coming at us to probe into all things Slate-related; or Tokyo Assembly that drags out structural alternation to the Family Register section for the n-th season already. Oh, and the Neighborhood Association tried to force us - and us alone! - to sort out our garbage!
Izumo: The Neighborhood Association?
Seri: Not to mention that theres a mountain of inside issues, too. Weve got to let the Rabbits with their equipment supplies pass through, yet our agents are so slow to start working! The Captain is unexpectedly careless when it comes to paperwork and just pushes almost everything onto me. Fushimi-kun can do work, but his working attitude is absolutely terrible
Izumo: Hey, wai Stop! Stop! Its turning into a completely one-sided monologue, y'know
Seri: But thats not even half of it! Oh well. Now, propose a solution.
Izumo: Eh?
Seri: Youre giving people advice here, right? So, propose a solution to my troubles, Im waiting.
Izumo: Solution Ah! Well, about that Erm, uh, what I want to say is
Seri: What you want to say is?
Izumo: See you next time!
Seri: Dont you try to worm your way out of it! Give me proper advice! Its because you lot are so damn irresponsible that
Izumo: Wai! Neck!!! My neck!!! Ow!!! Uncle, uncle!!! Ah!

Izumo: Aah, today is an awfully unlucky day for me Let me introduce our third guest today going by the pseudonym Monkey-san.
Saru: Tsk! What the heck? Misakis not coming here today, huh? Geez, how long does he plan to hang out with those worthless guys anyway? He should just stop playing their make believe game of heartwarming camaraderie!
Izumo: Um, excuse me
Saru: Tsk, ridiculous.
Izumo: Monkey-san?
Saru: How come
Izumo: Saru?
Saru: hes all relaxed and keeps grinning like a moron when Im gone?! Im gone, goddamnit!!! Me, gone!!! That fuckin Misaki, he understands no jack!
Izumo: Hey, can you hear me?
Saru: He shouldve chased more desperately after me!!! When we run into each other, hes all fired up seething, Damn traitor!!!, isnt he?! Then why the hell hes not coming to chase after me with the same zeal?!
Izumo: Eeh
Saru: If I were in his shoes, Id go join even Scepter 4! Yes, thats right, thats what Misaki shouldve done! Thats the right thing to do under the
Izumo: Well then, see you next time! And Happy New Year!

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