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Sitting Arrangements (Aiseki)

Sitting Arrangements (Aiseki)

Bartender: Welcome! Would a seat at the counter be all right with you?
Mikoto: Yeah.
*Reishi and Mikoto notice each other*
Reishi: Hm?
Mikoto: Hm? Hmph.
Reishi: What a troublesome person to appear. There are plenty of other bars for you to visit, Suou Mikoto of Team Homura.
Mikoto: Is there any reason why I should leave the bar I just entered, Munakata Reishi of Scepter 4?
Reishi: You do not see it? The reason is that my liquor tastes bad because of your presence.
Mikoto: I see. All the more reason for me to stay then, while you can get lost already.
Reishi: Hmph. Audacious as ever. Why not come here later?
Mikoto: Where I go and when is not for you to decide.
Reishi: That is why I’m saying you are audacious. You always fail to sense the mood.
Mikoto: Mood, huh.
Reishi: Oh, and… could you please put out that cheap smelling cigarette of yours? It is quite revolting.
*Mikoto does the opposite*
Reishi: Huh?
Mikoto: Heh.

Bartender (nervous now for obvious reasons): Um, excuse me, sir, but… what would you like to order?
Mikoto: Wild Turkey, double.
Bartender: Right away, sir.

Reishi: Such an unlucky day today.
Mikoto: What a coincidence. I was thinking the same thing.
Reishi: And it had to happen on the day when I came here to relax a little for a change…
Mikoto: Yeah. My sentiments exactly.

*the bartender comes back*
Mikoto and Reishi: Hm?
Bartender: Thank you for waiting. Here is your order.
Mikoto: Thanks.

Reishi: Bourbon? You could have it to your heart’s content at your own bar. Honestly, I fail to see any need for you to visit a bar in a strange part of the city just to drink it.
Mikoto: Don’t you tell me what and where I’m to drink.
Reishi: Did you get into an argument with your clansmen? Despite the fact that close friendly relationships is the only merit your clan can boast?
Mikoto: Well, did YOU get into a fight with your henchmen? Cause I sure don’t see your shitty admirers around. What, have they all finally abandoned you?
Reishi: I simply make no habit of taking people who serve under me out to drink, is all. Unlike you.
Mikoto: Sorry to burst your bubble, but I never ask ‘em, they just tag along on their own. Looks like I’m a real popular fella, you see. Unlike you.
Reishi: Oh? Popular, huh? Excuse me if that line does not sound convincing in the least coming out of the mouth of a person who came to drink all alone to an unfamiliar bar despite his clan having their own.
Mikoto: Hah. I just felt like drinking alone tonight.
Reishi: Hm. Well, let us leave it at that, then. It will not do to pick on a poor lone stray dog, after all.
Mikoto: Your ways of picking a fight are roundabout as ever, eh.
Reishi: A fight? God forbid! I simply expressed my sincere heart-felt pity for you.
Mikoto: Well, whatever. I’ll just ignore you. Can’t be helped if your clansmen don’t want to spend their time with you more than absolutely necessary, since you’re the kind of superior who can only spew sarcastic remarks once he opens his mouth. And I don’t think there can be found even one among your subordinates who would wanna have a drink with you, anyway. So no wonder you’re being all bitchy.
Reishi: I cannot believe you. I have clearly stated that taking my subordinates out for a drink is not among my habits.
Mikoto: That’s why I’m saying I’ll just let it slide. It’s a tear-jerking topic, after all.
Reishi: If you were me…
Mikoto: Hm?
Reishi: …you would never consider taking your subordinates out for a drink ever again after having tasted a mouthful of martini with anko.
Mikoto: Huh? Martini with… anko…?
Reishi: Oh, how loose of me. It seems I’m a little tipsy.
*Mikoto gets a little flustered at that*
Mikoto: Oh… really… I see…

Reishi: So you felt like drinking alone tonight, huh…
Mikoto: Ah?
Reishi: Hmph, nothing. It’s just…
Mikoto: Just what…?
Reishi: Isolated and surrounded only by the chosen few… it means you, too, are a king…
Mikoto: Hmph.
Reishi: Good grief. I really am drunk, huh.
Mikoto: Then go home while you still can.
Reishi: If it’s so hard for you to put up with my presence, I’ll do you a favor and leave. I imagine it must be quite nerve-wrecking to have to seat and drink next to me.
Mikoto: Huh?
Reishi: Oh? I was trying to be considerate, you know?
Mikoto: Hmph! Munakata.
Reishi: Yes?
Mikoto: You don’t like me, do you?
Reishi: No, I most certainly do not. I would think it should be obvious even without me telling you as much.
Mikoto: Being next to me turns your stomach, right?
Reishi: Yes, that is correct.
Mikoto: I get on your nerves and make you nauseous, yes?
Reishi: Yes.
Mikoto: Is it because you find me terrifying?
Reishi: Of course, not. You could not be any wronger about it.
Mikoto: I didn’t think so anyway. It’s the same with me.
Reishi: Eh?
Mikoto: Rejoice, Munakata. I’ve a strong dislike for you, but I’m one of the handful few who don’t feel a sliver of fear before you.

Bartender: Sir, would you like anything else to drink?
Mikoto: Turkey.
Bartender: Right away. And you, sir, is there something I can get for you?
Reishi: Let’s see… Well, I will have the same, I believe.

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