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Gakuen Kaidan (Academys Ghost Stories)

Totsuka: The after school hours. The students bustle dies down, and inside the academy, shrouded in twilight, doors leading to the other world open. The more people come here in daytime, the deeper and thicker the phantom darkness crawling from out of those doors becomes. And when night falls, sometimes, those phantoms even bear malicious will towards humans Oh, look: today, too, one boy is about to

Kamamoto: Academy at night is sort of scary You get the impression that there are people standing in the darkness and you imagine seeing strange things on the glass panes of windows.
Yata: Mooron, what are you talking about? Are you an idiot? What an idiot, seriously, youre an idiot among idiots, idiot!
Kamamoto: Yata-san, arent you scared?
Yata: As if! Like hell Yatagarasu of the Red Club would be scared of the night academy!
Kamamoto: Yata-san.
Yata: What is it, Kamamoto?
Kamamoto: Were on our way to the music room to get the PDA you forgot there, right?
Yata: Thats right. I would go get it in the morning, but unfortunately, Totsuka might call me tonight, so I have to get it back now.
Kamamoto: Then why cant you just go there alone?
Yata: Well, thats because, uh because, you know, of, of, of, well, that, you know! That! Come up with something yourself!
Kamamoto: Could it be its because you dont know where in the music room you left your PDA, so it will be much easier to find if we call from my PDA to yours and go to where the ringing will be coming from?
Yata: Thats right, dude! You knew, didnt ya!
Kamamoto: *siiigh*
Yata: Kamamoto, you bastard, if you have something to say, say it to my face!
Kamamoto: Eh, no, I dont want to say anything. And I definitely didnt just think, Yata-san is such scaredy-cat.
Yata: Thats precisely what you just thought, didnt you, you jerk!

*ghostly sounds*
Yata: Whats that?
Kamamoto: Sounds like a shakuhachi to me.
Yata: I-Idiot!!! Thats not what I mean! Im asking why do we hear these sounds this late at night in the empty Academy!
Kamamoto: Yata-san.
Yata: What?!
Kamamoto: These sounds are coming from the music room were heading to.
Yata: Keh?
Kamamoto: Im sure of it. Hear? Wh-what should we do? Turn back?
Yata: Dont be freaking out. Were going there anyway. We the Red Club wont lose to anything, be it shakuhachis or hammers!
Kamamoto: Then please stop using me as a shield while saying stuff like that!!!
Yata: Pipe down! Just face forward and walk already!

Munakata: *sigh* I have finally achieved harmony in my performance for most part. I must say shakuhachi is a difficult instrument to play.
Yata: Whadda!
Kamamoto: What are you doing, president of the Blue club, Munakata Reishi-senpai?
Munakata: Oya? Who do we have here? Yata Misaki-kun and Kamamoto Rikio-kun, from the Red Club, huh? What a wonderful night, dont you agree? Good evening.
Yata: What a wonderful night, dont you agree? Good evening dont give me that crap! What the hell are you doing in a place like this?!
Munakata: Can you not tell from looking? I was playing the shakuhachi.
Yata: Thats not it! I can obviously see that! What Im asking is why the hell are you playing the shakuhachi in a pitch dark place like this all alone?!
Munakata: Pitch dark? Being under Suoh Mikoto does not help nurture a taste for beauty and refinement, I suppose Just take a look. The moon is so beautiful, dont you find? And the gathering clouds every here and there. A perfect night to play the shakuhachi.
Yata: I give up. Taking to this guy is completely useless. Kamamoto, lets just find my PDA and get out of here.
Kamamoto: Right.
Munakata: Ah, are you coming in?
Yata: Huh? What, are we bothering you? Well, you may be the president of the Blue club, but were not taking orders from you, cause were the Red Club!
Munakata: No, that is not why I asked. *the door shuts* But now it is too late.
Yata: Whatre you mumbling about?
Kamamoto: Yata-san! This is your PDA, right, Yata-san? It was lying on the table.
Yata: Oh, Kamamoto, thank you! Thats mine alright! Sorry for intruding, Munakata-senpai. Lets get going, Kamamoto.
Kamamoto: Ah, sure. Munakata-senpai, well be going ahead then. *tries to open the door* Eh? H-Huh?
Yata: Whats wrong?
Kamamoto: W-Well, thats, uh the door closed on its own, and now *grunts* This is strange. Heave-ho! It doesnt open.
Yata: What the heck? Step back and let me try! It usually happens when the door stopped fitting properly into the door frame. And here! Here! Heeeerrrre! No dice. It didnt even budge.
Munakata: Hmmm. As I thought.
Yata: What did you say? Do you know something?
Munakata: Should I provide a simple explanation for you or a detailed one? Which one do you prefer?
Yata: Huh?! The simple one, obviously!
Munakata: Very well then. I shall explain it in as simple words as I can find. The music teacher who is in charge of this music room has an obsessively watchful personality. This room gets locked with an electric lock once all the lessons are over, but the lock seems to be malfunctioning: you can open it from the outside but not from the inside. I have been locked in this room for quite a while, I might add.
Yata: Huh?
Munakata: Luckily, I had a shakuhachi at hand, so I did not have to deal with ennui - ah, simply put, ennui means boredom.
Yata: I didnt ask about that! Actually, warn us BEFORE we get into the room!
Munakata: You had already stepped into the room before I had the chance to give you a warning. Did you forget?
Kamamoto: Yata-san! No need to worry! You have your PDA. Now you just need to call someone from the Red Club to come save us.
Munakata: I would not be so sure: radio waves are being jammed in this room. The teacher I mentioned earlier flew into a temper when he caught some students playing with their phones secretly during his classes.
Yata: The teachers at this Academy are just argh Cant be helped then. This flimsy door wont last long if I hit it with a chair or something heavy!
Munakata: Yata Misaki-kun! You must not do that!
Yata: Huh? What now? Do you have a problem or something?
Kamamoto: Yata-san, this person is the president of the Blue club, you remember? Damaging the schools property right before his eyes cant be good
Munakata: No, that is not why I am against the idea. It appears that breaking this door by force will trigger a high voltage current. By my estimates, its voltage is 100,000 volts.
Yata: What is this room, a fortress?!
Munakata: As such, I recommend we simply wait for the rescue to come. Rest assured: at worst, in the morning it will work out somehow. Hahahaha.
Yata: Arg, dammit all!

*clock ticking*
Yata: Dammit I never thought Id end up in a situation like this.
Kamamoto: Yeah, I never thought that going to get back something we forgot would result in us getting locked up
*sounds of the shakuhachi*
Yata: Look, Munakata-senpai, Im sorry but could you stop that?
Munakata: Why is that? It may come off as a self-praise, but I highly doubt I am so unskilled as to produce a sound completely disagreeable to the ear.
Yata: No, its just, uh how should I put it its a bit that, you know
Kamamoto: Yata-san Dont tell me youre scared of the shakuhachis sound?
Yata: I-Idiot! Thats not it! Im not! I just dont like it!
Munakata: Hmm. If that is the case, I do not mind to cease playing. I see now. The Red Clubs vanguard is no good at dealing with this kind of atmosphere, it seems.
Kamamoto: I apologize for him.
Yata: Im not scared, I friggin told you!!!
Munakata: Still, this leaves me with regrettable lack of occupation. I investigated the electric system earlier and found that even turning on the lights is impossible.
Kamamoto: Uh, the light from the moon would be good, only the moon got overshadowed by clouds.
Munakata: Yes, we mostly cannot even see each others faces anymore. Things that we can do now are very limited.
Kamamoto: Yeah, hehe. Would you like to play shiritori?
Munakata: Yes, I would. Gakkou [school].
Kamamoto: Eh?! Youre seriously gonna play that?! What about you, Yata-san?
Yata: Ill pass!!!
Munakata: Then it is going to be a one-on-one duel between I and Kamamoto-kun. Well then, to start anew. Lets see simply saying school is no fun at all, so how about yoru no gakkou [school at night].
Kamamoto: I see. Yoru no gakkou, huh? Then Ill go with u, u umekigoe [groan].
Munakata: E Etai no shirenai nani ka [something strange].
Kamamoto: Ka, kaibutsu [monster]!
Munakata: Tsumetai onna no te [womans cold hand].
Kamamoto: Temaneki suru hito [beckoning man].
Munakata: Totsuzen mayonaka ni hibikiwataru keta-keta to iu waraigoe [cackling laughter echoing in the night].
Yata: Enough already!!! What the hecks up with that weird horror-themed shiritori?!
Munakata: Hahaha. Please forgive me. It looks like I got drawn into this atmosphere.
Kamamoto: Im sorry, too, Yata-san. I got caught up in it as well. We really should probably stop with this kind of scary stuff though. This academy has this sort of countless rumors floating around, after all. If were not careful, we just might end up attracting something.
Munakata: Hoho! How very interesting. What kind of rumors, exactly?
Kamamoto: Let me think This is something that I heard from a friend. A student came back to the academy to retrieve something he forgot. Warily, he was walking along a dark hall, thinking, I dont like this one bit Its so dark all the while. At the end of the hall, a girl peeked at him, with only her head visible, from around the corner.
Munakata: I see.
Kamamoto: It was sticking out at an unbelievably low level - around that students knee height - thats from where her head was peeking out. The student gathered up his courage and cried out, Who are you?
Yata: *eeek!*
Kamamoto: And when he did the girl crawled out on all fours swiftly - crawl, crawl, crawl! - and said, Lets plaaaaay!
Yata: AAAAAHHH!!! No blood! No bone! No ash! Ah! Stop it! Stop with crawl, crawl, crawl!!! Just stop!!!
Munakata: Hahahaha. If it is about that kind of stories, I, too, have heard one.
Yata: Wai- wai- Heyyy!!!
Munakata: It is about a certain school room. Strange phenomena kept happening in it, so the teacher in charge of it went a little mad and installed there a security system with an electric lock and high voltage current, so that nothing and no one could enter the room at night.
Yata: Eh?!
Munakata: But his efforts were futile, of course, since those entering the room were not human in the first place. Hahahahahaha.
Kamamoto: Hehehehehe!
Yata: Wait a sec. Wait a sec there! That story
Munakata: Even now, every evening, monsters gather in that room, and if they happen to catch any stray students
Yata: M-M-M-Munakata-senpai, why are you coming closer to me?

*PDA rings*
Yata: Ah! Oh, oh, oh, that scared the shit out of me. Ah, its from Totsuka-san. It does have signal here after all! Hello, its Yata!
Totsuka: Ah, Yata? Can you talk right now? I wanted to know your opinion about something concerning Kings birthday.
Yata: Yes, I can talk! You know, I feel really relieved to hear your voice, Totsuka-san.
Totsuka: Huh? Is something wrong?
Yata: Ah, well, its not a big deal, but I got locked up in a classroom at school. Im sorry to ask you this, but it looks like the door only opens from the outside, so could you please come get me out?
Totsuka: You sound like youre in a real predicament. Of course, Im coming right away. Where exactly are you?
Yata: The music room.
Totsuka: Okay, got it. Kamamotos with me right now, so Ill take him along and be on my way to get you out right away.
Yata: E-E-Eh, eh? Totsuka-san, what did you say just now?
Totsuka: Eh? That Ill be on my way right away?
Yata: N-No, before that. Did you say that Kamamoto is with you right now?
Totsuka: Yes, hes here. Want me to put him on?
Kamamoto: Ah, Yata-san, g'evening.
Yata: Eh?
Kamamoto: What happened?
Yata: Eh?! K-Kamamoto! Y-Youre the real Kamamoto?!
Kamamoto: Huuh? What are you talking about, Yata-san? Ive been with Totsuka-san the whole evening.
Yata: Then who was it that Ive been with until now? Kamamoto!!! Hey! Huh? This is strange. Kamamotos disappeared. A-And Munakata-senpai too! H-Hey! Where did you go, you two?! Hey, dont mess with people!
*the shakuhachi resounds*
Yata: Ah! What the hell! Whos touching my shoulder?! Stop it! Enough with this stupid joke! Im gonna turn around. Listen, you. If youre still messing with me when I turn around, Im seriously gonna beat the shit out of you. If you wanna apologize, this is your last chance. Here I go. Ill turn around on the count of three. 1 2 3!
Ghostly voice: Lets plaaaay!

Totsuka: When we made it there, we found Yata fainted from fear. We only heard the details of what had happened after the morning came. Since then, Yata came to loathe the sound of shakuhachi. And also the president of Blue Club just a little. Heh. Be very careful when going to the school at night. Ghosts might be ready and waiting there, wanting to play with you.

*shakuhachi sounds*

T/N: shakuhachi is a type of flute.

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