Momotarous Oni Extermination

Momotarous Oni Extermination

Crow: Hey, Momotarou! Are you sure were going the right way? I dont see any islands anywhere!
Momotarou: Since the sun is that way yeah, this is the right direction. Although we should be seeing the island by now
Crow: I sure hope so, cause Im sick and tired of rowing the boat. I wanna fight already!
Monkey: Youre such a damn noisy crow! Just shut up and row!
Crow: What didja say, ya damn Monkey?!
Momotarou: Easy, easy~ Dont fight. Say, Dog-kun, youre not picking up the onis smell yet?
Dog: I dont now what onis smell like in the first place. *sniff, sniff* In any case, Im not catching any particularly strange smells at the moment.
Momotarou: I see Well, if we continue going in this direction, we should reach the place sooner or later. I think.
Monkey: You think, huh?
Crow: Not very reliable, are you.
Dog: Dont complain. In any case, were going forward!

Momotarou: Ahh, I, too, want to reach the Oni island as soon as possible. This swaying makes me remember some disturbing things.
Dog: What disturbing things?
Momotarou: Well, in the past, I was floating down the river in my peach, swaying on the waves pleasantly, and all of a sudden - splash! - someone grabbed my peach, and then - stab! - cleaved me.
Dog: Cleaved you? Who did?
Momotarou: A challenger granny who tried to eat the suspicious peach she picked up in the river! She cleaved me with a freshly sharpened kitchen knife right in two from the face to the neck, and without a second thought, too!
Crow: Ouch! Im hurting just from listening!
Momotarou: Yeah, the granny was shocked, too, and started screaming like crazy, the grandpa came rushing in, thought the granny did some kid in with a knife and got scared stiff. It was a royal uproar.
Dog: Youve been through a lot.
Monkey: How come youre still among the living?
Momotarou: Because Im the Immortal King. Wounds are nothing to me.
Crow: Really? Wow! So? What happened to that granny and grandpa after that?
Momotarou: They decided it was some sort of fate, so they raised me.
Dog: A seemingly chance meeting that is actually fated. For strangers to become a family is such a beautiful thing.
Momotarou: Yeah, agreed. Actually, it was the granny and grandpa who suggested this oni extermination. Wipe out the evil oni and protect the worlds peace, is what they said.
Crow: Ohh, so well get to be the heroes of justice?!
Monkey: Didnt they just niftily get rid of the nuisance?
Dog: Hey! Some things are better left unsaid, you know! Even if theyre true!
Momotarou: Hey, come on!
Monkey: Agh, jeez! Can we even hope to win in this extermination under the circumstances? The enemy is an atrocious oni, after all.
Crow: Heh! If youre getting cold feet, go home, man, just go home! We dont need a cowardly monkey as our ally!
Monkey: Whos getting cold feet?! Its useless crows who ought to pack up and scram already!
Crow: What?! I dare ya say that again!!!
Dog: Stop it already! Cool it, both of you!
Momotarou: Yeah, thats right. All of you are my important companions. So please dont fight among yourselves, Im asking you. Im counting on all of you. On you, Crow-kun.
Crow: R-right
Momotarou: On you, Monkey-kun.
Monkey: Tch!
Momotarou: And of course, on you, Dog-kun.
Dog: Leave this to me.
Momotarou: Thats right, our enemy is a strong and atrocious oni, but we still need to defeat him. We just cant let a terrifying oni who terrorizes people roam free. You are the three companions of my choosing! And together, well definitely win!
Monkey: Of your choosing, huh? We just happened to pass by, and you recruited us with kibi dangos, no?
Crow: True, that.
Momotarou: W-Well, true, I guess
Dog: Youre supposed to deny that.
Monkey: To make things worse, you planned to hire a pheasant, but a puny crow was all you got. Soooo lame.
Crow: What didja just say?!
Momotarou: Calm down, calm down. Either way, Dog-kun, Monkey-kun, Crow-kun, all three of you are confident in your strength, right? So lets fight all together! And lets defeat the terrible oni!
Dog: Yes, lets do this. We can win, Im sure. The oni may be strong, but we have justice on our side!
Crow: Alright! Lets fight it out with the oni for the sake of peace!
Dog: Ah! Look, over there!
Monkey: An island, huh.
Momotarou: It must the one were looking for! Chokefull of rocks and resembling an onis head!
Crow: Alright! Lets row towards it!

Monkey: This island is unexpectedly quiet.
Crow: Wheres the oni?! I wanna go beat him up already!
Monkey: Dont you run off on your own!
Dog: Hey, you two, wait! We need to tie up the boat and get ready first! I said wait!
Momotarou: *sigh* And off they went. Those two dont seem to get along, but theyre surprisingly in synch.
Dog: Keh! Good grief. *ties up the boat* Okay, the boat is secured. Lets go after them.

Momotarou: Huh? Monkey-kun, Crow-kun, whats wrong? Did you find the oni?
Monkey: Yeah. Over there.
Crow: Somethings off about him though.
Dog: Hes sitting with his back to us, so we cant see his face, but hes most certainly an oni. And a strong one at that.
Momotarou: You can tell just from his back?
Dog: Yes, I can. An aura is raising off his back. We cant let our guard down with him.
Monkey: Still, why is an oni fishing with the aura raising off his back?
Crow: Do onis even eat fish?
Dog: Ohh, thats quite amazing. Hes not using the lure, yet every time he casts the line, fish bite on it all on their own. Its like hes seeing right through all the fishs moves.
Momotarou: True He caught that many in no time at all!
Monkey: Whatever, we just need to defeat him, right?
Crow: Yeah! Lets finish him off already! Lets roll, Monkey, Black Dog!
Dog: I am ready!
Monkey: Tch! Dont order me around!
Momotarou: Ugh! Wait a second!

Blue Oni: Hm?
*the three attack and get royally smacked*
Momotarou: Whoa! Impressive! He slapped all three of them one after another! He sure is strong!
Blue Oni: What is it with you people? You invade another persons island, suddenly attack them I cannot let ruffians like you roam free, now can I. We will advance with sword in hand, for our cause is pure. Blue Oni, drawing the sword!
Crow: He took out a thorny bat!
Monkey: Dont call it thorny bat! Its a club. Why the heck its not a sword though?
Dog: Be careful. This oni is much tougher than we expected.
Momotarou: Wait! Just wait a second!
Blue Oni: Hm? Oh, so you are these ruffians boss, I take it?
Momotarou: Erm, ruffians, coming from you Uh, I mean, you are an oni, arent you?
Blue Oni: Indeed, I am an oni. What of it?
Momotarou: We came here because we heard there is an atrocious oni who terrorizes the neighboring population, you see
Blue Oni: That is quite unpardonable slander. I am a law-abiding oni, who respects order and justice and lives a quiet but fulfilling life on this island. I find your imprudence of deeming me evil on the spot simply on the grounds of me being an oni offending.
Crow: This oni is such a pain in the ass! Wasnt he supposed to be bad and violent?
Monkey: Duh.
Momotarou: We apologize then. Our information was wrong, it seems.
Dog: No, attacking without first checking the situation is our own fault, weve really done bad by the Oni-dono. I sincerely apologize. *bows*
Momotarou: Were really sorry. We came here in hopes of getting rid of the bad oni and bringing peace. C'mon, c'mon, Monkey-kun, Crow-kun, you need to apologize too.
Crow: Eh?! Ahm, s-sry.
Monkey: Tch! I~am~so~rry~.
Blue Oni: Hmph. Well, if it was a misunderstanding, then it cannot be helped. I appreciate your desire to do work for the good of people. Well then, shall we go?
Momotarou: Eh?
Dog: Where to?
Blue Oni: To perform an oni extermination, of course. You came to slay an atrocious oni, did you not? To the south of here, there is another island inhabited by an oni. The oni living there is the barbaric Red Oni who ignores order. Men, are you ready?
Dog: Ieh?
Monkey: Hah?
Crow: Eh?
Momotarou: Ehh?
Blue Oni: Then, setoff! Men, draw your swords!

Momotarou: And this is where the tale of Momotarous oni extermination ends. Although, probably, after that, a new and wholly different tale begins.
Dog: Onis oni extermination?
Crow: So, do we get our chance to shine then? Or rather, can we even make it out of it alive?!
Monkey: Tch, noooo ideeeea.

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