K RoK Prelude drama Lock On! (Silver Side)
Return of Kings ~ Prelude
Silver chapter

Lock On

Neko: Kurosuke, Im hungry!
Kuroh: Bear with it for a little while longer. Ill cook something for you once were back to the School island.
Neko: I cant wait!!! I wanna eat right now!!! If you make me wait any longer, my stomach will stick to my back!!! Its already starting to cling! I feel it! Its clinging to my back!!!
Kuroh: Alright, I get it already, so stop making so much noise! *sigh* Cant be helped, I suppose. Lets eat out today.
Neko: Yay! Then lets go to that place! Its close by!
Kuroh: That place? Do you have some preferred eating joint in this neighborhood?
Neko: Heha! Annas house!
Kuroh: You mean the bar that serves as headquarters for the Red Clan? Hm, indeed, were currently in Shizume-chou and not far from bar Homra Ugh, no, that joint is the territory of the Red Clan. As the Silver Clansmen, we cant recklessly step into another clans ter
Neko: I wonder how Annas been doing since then.
Kuroh: Uh Indeed. She became a King even though she is so very young, and Im worried about her a little Hm. Alright. In Shiros absence, observing the situation of the other clans might be a responsibility thats in our power to fulfil.
Neko: Food~ Food~ My stomach is so empty!
Kuroh: Hey, dont go in on your own!

RandomGuy1: Targets, found. Sending location coordinates.
ComputerVoice: Location, confirmed. Jungle points: 5 points added!
RandomGuy1: This is my chance to rack up lots of points!

Kusanagi: Welcome! Huh. Well, what unusual customers.
Neko: Ah?! Its Colored Glasses!
Kuroh: Excuse us. Wed like to order something to eat is it OK if we come in?
Kusanagi: Be my guests. During operating hours my establishment isnt the Clans territory, so forget formalities and make yourselves at home.
Anna: Neko! Kuroh!
Neko: Anna!!! I was hungry, so I came to eat!
Anna: Welcome.
Neko: Anna, are you well?
Anna: Im well!
Neko: Im so glad to hear that! Im doing great, too!
Anna: Uh-huh.
*both giggling*
Kusanagi: What do you know. Two girls together is such a cute sight.
Kuroh: Neko was worried about Kushina Anna, you see. How has the Red Clan been doing after the Mihashira Tower incident?
Kusanagi: Well, getting by somehow. Thanks for your help in Mihashira Tower. I know that you chased after the kidnapped Anna in place of Kamamoto who was injured.
Kuroh: No need. I did nothing to deserve your gratitude. In the end, Kushina Anna overcame the danger with her own power. And I had my own fated reasons.
Kusanagi: Mm-hm, true.
Yata: Im back! Kusanagi-san, I bought what you asked. Huh?! What are you guys doing here?!
Kuroh: Imposing on this bars hospitality.
Neko: Yahoo~
Yata: Dont yahoo me!!!
Kusanagi: Easy, Yata-chan, dont be rude to our customers.
Yata: How come theyre customers?!
Kusanagi: Theyre here to grab something to eat. C'mon, Yata-chan, come here and help me.
Yata: Tch! If you ask.
Neko: Say, say, Anna, which of these foodstuffs is yummy? Do you guys have dried mackerel?
Anna: We dont have dried mackerel, but this one is yummy - tomato chicken curry.
Neko: Tomato chicken curry? Okay, Ill have that, then!
Anna: Curry is not very red, so you should also drink this.
Neko: Blood orange juice?
Anna: Although its orange juice, its red and pretty. I recommend it.
Neko: Hnnn. Alright, Ill drink that!
Kusanagi: As I look at Anna when shes with Neko-chan, it really hits me that that she is a girl.
Kuroh: Hm?
Kusanagi: I mean, were an all guy group, so when I see Anna get along with another girl, it moves me deeply.
Yata: Aah. Well, now that I think about it, youre right. Their relationship is probably different from being buddies, and mental age wise, Anna is totally the older one.
Kusanagi: Yata-chan, you sure youre the one to be talking about mental age?
Yata: Whaddya mean?! Are you implying that Im brattish or something?!
Kuroh: As far as I know, before meeting Shiro, Neko had no friends, so Im glad she forged the bond of friendship with Kushina Anna.
Anna: Neko, your hair is so fluffy.
Neko: Nyaa~
Yata: Anna is petting Nekos head though They look like a human and her pet cat instead of friends to me, no?
Kuroh: Ahem Well, Neko is a cat, so it cant be helped.
Kusanagi: Putting that aside, what will you have to eat, Black Dog-kun?
Kuroh: Lets see Ill also have tomato chicken curry and green tea , if you would.
Yata: Gotcha! 2 tomato chicken curries, blood orange juice and green tea! With pleasure!
Kusanagi: Stop with that waiter-in-some-watering-hole reply! Were a classy bar!

*Neko and Kuroh eating*
Kuroh: This curry really tastes good. Thinly sliced chicken meat harmonizes nicely with tomatoes. Does it use some unusual spices as well? It has such a complex and deep taste.
Kusanagi: Glad you liked it. Im happy to get a compliment like that.
Kuroh: I myself make simple curry, and I dont get much chances to taste elaborate curry like yours.
Yata: I personally like normal curry more, the one that tastes like, you know, CURRY should. The mass produced kind like what they provide for school lunches.
Kusanagi: The mass produced kind, huh Yata-chan, your tastes are so childish Not a trace of complexity.
Kuroh: Im happy that things are peaceful for Homura.
Kusanagi: Yeah, tranquility and peace for us, but
Anna: What about you, Kuroh, Neko?
Kuroh: Hm?
Neko: Nya?
Anna: Has everything been OK with you two lately?
Neko: Whyat do you mean?
Kusanagi: Havent you heard? Jungle caused another incident the other day. Scepter 4 had a large scale mobilization because of it, but it still required Munakata to step in personally.
Yata: Tch! The Green bastards, getting all arrogant!
Kuroh: The Green clan, jungle. What are they scheming this time?
Kusanagi: It feels like theyre preparing to pull off something really big. And this is worrisome. You two may be in danger as well.
Neko: We?
Kusanagi: Thats right. Its a proven fact that jungle is searching for the Silver King. So its highly likely that theyll come targeting you, who are the Silver Clansmen, as well.
Kuroh: No need to worry. It will actually make things easier for us if the Green clan goes after us. Well just need to turn the tables on them and get information out of them.
Neko: Right, right!
Kusanagi: Im aware that youre strong, Black Dog-kun, and Neko-chan possesses the special ability thats almost unfair. When I think about it, true, its not like you dont stand a chance.
Yata: Those guys, though its kinda tough to deal with them.
Kusanagi: Yes, like you said, Yata-chan, its no easy to deal with them because of how jungle operates. Their top brass members, like Mishakuji Yukari, are very good at tricks, but theyre also not above using ordinary unsuspecting people that hardly know anything and coordinating with them. So you guys be on guard.
Kuroh: Yeah. Thanks for the warning.
Anna: Lately, the disturbing presence has been getting stronger. Be careful.
Neko: Really? Okay! Ill be careful!

RandomGuy1: Preparations, complete. Targets, in sight.

Neko: Yaay, Im so full!
Kuroh: You should be, since you ate dessert on top of getting seconds of the curry.
Neko: And it was so yummy! The strawberry mousse that Anna recommended! I even reconsidered my opinion of Colored Glasses because his cooking was tasty! Lets drop by his place again!
Kuroh: Okay.

RandomGuy1: Here I go!
Kuroh: Watch out!!!
*pot falling and breaking*
ComputerVoice: Jungle points: 30 points added!
RandomGuy1: Oh, what a pity, I missed, huh? Now other people will make off with my heaps of points.
Kuroh: This is a plant pot?! Did it come falling from that buildings veranda?
Neko: That was dangerous! My head wouldve been cracked open if you didnt pull me in time, Kuroh!
Kuroh: Was it a mere accident? Or
Neko: I dont like this. Lets hurry up and go back home!
Kuroh: Agreed. Lets do that.
*a bike bell rings, and sounds of splashes*
Neko: Nyagh!
ComputerVoice: Jungle points: 30 points added!
RandomGuy2: Alright!
Kuroh: Whats with this guy on a bicycle?
Neko: Oh no, he poured water all over me! Nyah?! It stinks!
Kuroh: *sniff, sniff* This is no water. Its gasoline!

RandomGuy3: Oops, I dropped my cigarette.
ComputerVoice: Jungle points: 30 points added!
RandomGuy3: Heheh!
Kuroh: This is bad! Neko!
*sounds of explosion*
Neko: Ahh, the ground where we were standing just a moment ago is burning We wouldve turned into cinders if we didnt - hop! - and escape to the roof thanks to Kurosukes power!
Kuroh: Tch! Just what is going on? Is the guy on the bicycle who splashed gasoline working together with the guy who threw the cigarette? Ah, and the one who dropped the plant pot earlier is also with them? *sigh* Could it be that all of them are Green clansmen?!
Neko: But these guys werent wearing helmets like the ones we ran into when we went to save Anna
Kuroh: True. But those Green clansmen wore helmets to hide their faces, wearing something like that would look highly suspicious normally. So people who hardly realize that theyre committing an offense might not use it all the time.
Neko: Even though we were almost killed because of them!
Kuroh: Dropping a plant pot accidentally; soaking a passer-by girl in liquid as a mere prank; carelessly tossing away a cigarette butt they treat it as a game because they think that they always can make excuses like these.
Neko: Nyaaah I dont really understand, but it feels yucky!
Kuroh: Agreed. This is sicker than I expected. We dont know where the Green clansmen may be hiding, and if we start to doubt people, every passer-by in the city we come across will fall under suspicion.
Neko: Ueeh And here I wanted to spook the enemies and defeat them with my special attack when they come!
Kuroh: The fact that theyre enemies doesnt necessarily mean that theyll come to fight us fair and square, is that it, huh?
Neko: The person who soaked me in gasoline ran off, but we might still catch the one who threw the cigarette!
Kuroh: Uhh Well probably get nothing out of him, but Im loathe to just let him go like this. Lets go!
Neko: Roger!

RandomGuy3: Whoa?! What the heck are you guys?
Neko: Thats our question!
Kuroh: You threw your cigarette even though you knew theres gasoline down there and wanted it to catch fire, didnt you?
RandomGuy3: H-Huh?! I knew nothing about gasoline. Dont harp at me just because I threw a cigarette.
Kuroh: Arent you a Green clansman? Why dont you spill everything you know?
Neko: Yeah, spill it!
RandomGuy3: I dont know anything! Shit, whats your problem?
Kuroh: For starters, show us the PDA youre holding.
ComputerVoice: Your PDA was stolen by the targets. Mission failed. Mission failed. Your points will be nullified.
RandomGuy3: Ah!!! My points!!!
Kuroh: Points? You mean this jungle points thing? Its showing zero now.
RandomGuy3: Shit!!! Thats all my efforts up till now down the drain!
Kuroh: So the Green Clan has issued the mission to track us down and corner us, and rewards points to those who succeeds in doing so, huh. So theyre really going after our lives under the pretense of a game.
Neko: Whyaat?!
*the guy sobs*
Kuroh: But pressing this guy any more wont give us anything.
RandomGuy4: Ah! Its them! The long-haired guy and chick!
RandomGuy5: Alrighty, if we just set this to them
Neko: Nya, fireworks!
Kuroh: Damn, more of them?! Theyre still planning to set us on fire?!
RandomGuys4&5: Aaand there!
ComputerVoice: Jungle points: 30 points added!
Kuroh: Neko! Dodge!
Neko: Nyaargh!
RandomGuy4: Dont let them get away! After them!
RandomGuy5: Im so gonna get those bonus points!
Neko: Thats it, Im angry now! Special attack Cat the Mountain!
RandomGuy4: Whoa! Monsters!!!
RandomGuy5: Huge beckoning cat figures!!! H-Help me!!!
Neko: Nyahaha! Ill squish you, you tiny bugs!
Kuroh: You fool!!! If you use a move like that in the crowded city!
RandomKid: *crying* Im scared!!!
Kuroh: See?! You made a child cry!
Neko: Nyah?! I didnt intend to!
Kuroh: Just hurry up and undo this huge cat figure illusion!
Neko: A-Alright! See? You dont need to be scared anymore!
RandomKid: *crying* This onii-chan and this onee-chan are picking on me!
Kuroh: Wh-What?
Neko: Why?
Crowd: He said theyre bullying him! /Is he alright?
Man: What is this? Are they bullying a child?
Woman: Should we call the police?
Kuroh: We didnt do anything to him!
Neko: Whats wrong? What are you scared of?
RandomKid: *keeps crying* Somebody, help me!
ComputerVoice: Jungle points: 2 points added!
RandomKid: Awesome! I really got points just for crying!
Kuroh: Wha?! Even a small child like this is a pawn of the Green clan?!
Crowd: We should call the police before it turns into a crime!
Neko: Kurosuke! Were being made villains and surrounded!
Kuroh: Ugh! For now, well have to escape!
Neko: Nyaa!

Neko: I cant take this anymore! Why do we have to be put through all this?!
Kuroh: We cant even call those people Green clansmen. None of them are probably even aware of the clans existence. Theyre no different from ordinary citizens. If we harm people like them, well be the criminals!
Neko: Then what should we do?!
Kotosaka: Targets, lock on!
Neko: Huh? Its that Green bird!
Kuroh: The parrot the Green king used as a medium?!
Kotosaka: Your good name is ruined! Ruined! Ruined!
Neko: What did you say?!
Kotosaka: Well bully you! Bully you!
Kuroh: I see now. Were the Silver clansmen, and driving us into a corner is meant to harass Shiro who is the Silver King. Answer me! Youre watching, arent you? Green King, Hisui Nagare!
Kotosaka: Hahahaha!
Neko: Waah, are you running away?! Fight me!!! Ill make karaage out of you and eat you!!!
Kuroh: Geh. The Green clan, jungle Looks like things are going to become troublesome again.
Neko: Kurosuke
Kuroh: Its likely that jungle will keep targeting us. Neko, are you okay?
Neko: Yes, Im okay! I wont lose to cowards like them! Until Shiro comes back, I swear I wont lose!
Kuroh: Heh. Indeed. You better dont underestimate the Silver clansmen, jungle.

Note: what Neko calls Kusanagi, iro megane, can mean both colored glasses and sexy glasses

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