Opticians (Blue Side)
Return of Kings ~ Prelude
Blue Chapter


Awashima: One day ♪
Munakata: Yo.
Awashima: in a forest ♪
Munakata: Yo, yo.
Awashima: Um, Captain, excuse me, but what on earth are those calls from you supposed to be?
Munakata: Oya, they were not good enough, I suppose? Then, should I be saying something along the lines of Yo, Ive been waiting for this or The best in Japan?
Awashima: That makes you sound as a petty soccer freak. Since we will be dealing with kindergarteners, I do not think there is a need to shout anything at all.
Munakata: I see I thought that children might like something like that, though.
Awashima: While we are at it, there is another thing that has been bothering me Do I absolutely need to wear this cow kigurumi?
Munakata: It becomes you, Awashima-kun.
Awashima: I-I see, sir.
Munakata: This is for gripping the childrens hearts really tight. I, too, thought that this would be very out of character for me, but as you see, I am currently wearing this lovely sea anemone kigurumi.
Awashima: Except instead of lovely you look like a sea monster straight out of a show with special effects.
Munakata: Oya? Should I have chosen the starfish costume instead?
Awashima: Neither of them, preferably. If possible, perhaps you should forget about marine creatures altogether.
Munakata: Then I shall consider choosing from plants and vegetation that is said to be cute, such as mushrooms or rafflesia.
Awashima: Captain.
Munakata: What is it, Awashima-kun?
Awashima: I think that, by all means, you should let me handle all things related to the kigurumi selection and the contents of our program.
Munakata: Awashima-kun.
Awashima: Y-Yes, sir?
Munakata: Your enthusiasm is quite magnificent. I am positively impressed. Well then, I shall leave all the planning and organizing for this Cheer up event for Nanakamado kindergarten in your capable hands. Please come up with the contents that will put a smile on the kindergartenerss faces. I shall be looking forward to the event as well.
Awashima: Understood, sir. Ah, if you do not mind my asking, where is Fushimi? Im sure I saw his name on the member list for this event
Munakata: Now that you mentioned it, indeed, I did not see him around. I have even prepared this fox kigurumi specially for him to wear
Awashima: Run away, hasnt he
Munakata: Did you say something?
Awashima: Ah, no, nothing, sir. I will submit the detailed plan to you before long, sir.
Munakata: Please do, I will be waiting, Awashima-kun. As to me, I shall be on my way to Mihashira Tower now, since I have several unfinished matters to take care of. I expect to return only late at night tonight.
Awashima: Understood, sir.
Munakata: Hm? Oya, how unfortunate. I hit my foot on the table.
Awashima: A-Are you all right, sir?
Munakata: Yes, I am. Walking in a kigurumi is harder than I thought. Regretful as it is, I will have to take it off before heading to Mihashira Tower.
Awashima: Yes, please do so, by all means.
Munakata: Hehehehe. I must admit I wished to see the surprised faces of Akiyama and the rest. Well then, Awashima-kun, I am leaving everything to you.
Awashima: Yes, sir. Please take care.

Awashima: The Captains proactiveness can be a real pain to deal with. I never imagined he would go as far as to prepare kigurumis in his office
Fushimi: Lieutenant, youve been in the break room the whole time? Ive been looking for you.
Awashima: Fushimi! Its me who has been looking for you! Where did you run off to?
Fushimi: Run off? Way to badmouth me. I just had something that needed to be investigated. Well, its true that I dont feel motivated at the prospect of having to entertain some brats.
Awashima: Heh. The Captain has a fox kigurumi prepared specially for you.
Fushimi: Wha?!
Awashima: You can relax though. I asked him to put me in charge of drafting up the plan so that we all could avoid having to wear the kigurumis. I intend to come up with a content that will make the kindergarteners happy and be as harmless and inoffensive as possible.
Fushimi: Thanks, thats good to hear. Actually, why do we have to pay a visit to a kindergarten in the first place?
Awashima: You remember the incident from a few days prior where a Strain took kindergarteners hostage and barricaded himself in the kindergarten? It was difficult to settle the matter with just our Special Ops, so the Captain headed to the scene himself. Thats when the kids took a strong liking to him.
Fushimi: Huh? To the Captain?!
Awashima: Hes a hero for those children. After all, the moment the Captain showed up at the scene, the scary heinous criminal got captured in no time at all. Theres nothing strange about those small children viewing him as the hero of justice after that.
Fushimi: The Captain, huuuh.
Awashima: That perception doesnt apply only to children, adults are also like that. When I first met the Captain, the passengers of that plane also regarded him as their hero Ah, well, just forget what I said.
Fushimi: Well, whatever. But how is all of that connected to us having to visit a kindergarten?
Awashima: It appears that back during that incident the Captain promised to one of the kindergarteners that hell come play with them soon. And now the Captain is set to make good on his promise to that child.
Fushimi: Agh
Awashima: I understand your feelings, Fushimi.
Fushimi: Does Scepter 4 and actually that person himself really have time for such things right now?
Awashima: If Im frank, the answer is no. With His Excellency in absence, not only has the Captain to supervise the Slate, his decisions and actions are also requested in a wide variety of administrative and law related matters. Its not an exaggeration to say that at the moment public order in Japan is completely in that one persons hands. Thats why he hardly ever allows himself to rest.
Fushimi: Then all the more reason why he shouldnt!
Awashima: But, well, for the Captain its probably of equal value.
Fushimi: Of equal value? What is?
Awashima: Protecting this countrys peace and fulfilling his promise to a kindergartener.
Fushimi: Hmphhh. Im not gonna admire him for that. Is there even a need for one human being to shoulder so many burdens?
Awashima: Thats who our king, the Blue King, Munakata Reishi, is, Fushimi. Thats why we should comply with his wishes as best as we can and lighten his burden at least a little. How much we can actually help him is the question though. But still, we must do our absolute best.
Fushimi: Lieutenant, I have something I want to show you.
Awashima: What?
Fushimi: This. Please look through it. Its the data a member of our monitoring team compiled.
Awashima: Measured values of Weissman level? Eh? But this is?!
Fushimi: Thats right. Theyre the Captains numbers.
Awashima: Theyre fluctuating a lot
Fushimi: Well, theyre within the margin of error, apparently. The measuring device isnt all that precise, so. Still, among them there are apparently some numbers that are worrisome.
Awashima: The repercussions of killing Suoh Mikoto are starting to show is what you want to say?
Fushimi: I didnt say that, but there might be something wrong with his condition.
Awashima: Ah.
Fushimi: Does that ring a bell?
Awashima: No, not really.
Fushimi: Lately, didnt the Captain bump into things after making mistakes in visual estimate of distances? Doesnt he look like hes suffering from a headache every now and then?
Awashima: You saw it too?!
Fushimi: I knew it.
Awashima: Uhh, but that doesnt necessarily mean that its related to his Weissman level
Fushimi: Well, Ill leave this to you. Feel free to interpret it however you like, Lieutenant.
Awashima: Fushimi, what do you think?
Fushimi: Well, I wonder. Im but one member of the troops, and Im not gonna take any action based on these data alone.
Awashima: I understand. I will question the Captain directly myself. Fushimi, I want you to be present when I do.
Fushimi: Yeah, yeah, ma'am.

Munakata: *sigh* Im really late. It is already 4 in the morning. Oya? Awashima-kun and Fushimi-kun. Is something the matter for you to be up so late at night? Or should I say, so early in the morning?
Awashima: Captain, good morning.
Munakata: I cannot say I approve of the two of you. Overwork leads to failures. I appreciate zeal towards your work, but you must take proper sleep and rest.
Fushimi: Captain, are you seriously saying that to us? When you hardly ever rest yourself?
Awashima: Fushimi.
Munakata: Fushimi-kun.
Fushimi: What is it?
Munakata: I have told you once before, have I not? Kings do not get tired.
Fushimi: Tsk, that again, huh? Well, whatever. We have a business with you, Captain.
Munakata: With me? What might it be?
Fushimi: Before we get to that, how about a can of coffee? My treat.
Munakata: Hoo, Fushimi-kuns treat Then I shall accept with pleasure.
Fushimi: Well, Ive already bought it, so Ill just throw the can to you, OK, Captain?
Munakata: Yes, please.
Fushimi: Here you go.
Munakata: Oya, I failed to catch it.
Fushimi: Tsk, I knew it.
Awashima: Captain.
Munakata: Hmm. Fushimi-kun, I apologize. You bought that coffee for me in good will, and I let it fall to the floor
Fushimi: Lieutenant, what do we do now?
Awashima: Captain, please tell us honestly!
Munakata: Huh? What are you talking about?
Awashima: There is something wrong with your condition, isnt there?
Munakata: Hmn, what makes you think so?
Fushimi: Ugh, dammit.
Awashima: Agh, Captain.
Munakata: Hehehe, I did not think you would notice. But it may be only natural that you have, you two are the closest to me, after all, so of course you would notice changes in me.
Awashima: Today, you hit your foot on the table, did you not? That was very unlike you, Captain.
Munakata: I see. It is indeed possible to guess from that kind of incidents. Then, it is meaningless to hide it anymore. I will tell the truth to the two of you in all honesty.
Fushimi: I didnt think it would really turn out that bad
Awashima: Captain, we are prepared to serve you with everything weve got and in any way we can.
Munakata: Thank you. Lets see I am grateful, but especially I would perhaps appreciate Fushimi-kuns advice on the matter.
Awashima: Eh? Captain? What about me?
Munakata: As to you, Awashima-kunLets see I think I would appreciate your input regarding the design.
Awashima: Huh? Design?
Fushimi: Whatre you even talking about?!
Munakata: What about? About glasses, of course. You have noticed, have you not? That lately my glasses stopped providing necessary power of visual correction, and my everyday life is suffering from it. Oya? Were you two not volunteering to help me choose new glasses?
Fushimi: Eh?
Awashima: What did you say, sir?

Munakata: Well, it really has been a long time since I last went to buy glasses. Awashima-kun, Fushimi-kun, I appreciate your accompanying me on this trip.
Awashima: No, it is no trouble at all. Im glad we could make time for this. Captain, after that, are we going to?
Munakata: After we are finished choosing glasses, we will proceed to the event in the kindergarten, as planned.
Fushimi: Jeez, giving people a scare for nothing, this damn
Awashima: Fushimi! How long do you plan to keep on grumbling under your breath? It turned out for the better, no? Everything can be explained with the unsuitable glasses.
Fushimi: You seem quite happy, Lieutenant. Are you feeling relieved?
Awashima: Hm? That too, but simply walking with the always busy Captain around the city on a non-work related business like this feels really nice.
Fushimi: Ah, I see. Tiresome work being pushed on me because of this is seriously annoying though. Pushing people around on a whim
Awashima: Fushimi!
Munakata: Is something the matter, you two?
Awashima: Ah, no, it is nothing, sir.
Fushimi: We were talking about how nice it is to see you have fun, Captain.
Munakata: Is that so? Heh, if I look like I am having fun, it must be thanks to you two.

Clerk: Welcome!
Awashima: Captain, what kind of glasses do you want to buy?
Munakata: I had a thought that changing my image might be worth a try. How about these ones, bright red with thick frames?
Awashima: Haah
Fushimi: May I be honest? You look like a third-rate comedian.
Munakata: I see. Then how about these?
Fushimi: Thick-rimmed round glasses? With the design as ancient as that, you look like an old geezer.
Awashima: Captain, I believe trying that kind of glasses is too early for you, age-wise. Ah, how do you like these ones over here?
Munakata: Hmmm. They are not bad, per se, but do you not find that they are reminiscent of the ones Kusanagi-shi from the Red Clan prefers?
Awashima: Ah, erm, they are?!
Munakata: They are a little too dandy for me. And what do you think of these?
Awashima: Hmm. I think that the frames might be a little too thick.
Fushimi: You look awfully like a college hopeful from the Showa period in them. Why are you going for colored ones, anyway? For you, Captain, something like this might be a surprisingly good fit.
Munakata: Hoo, sunglasses?
Fushimi: The sunglass-ish type. Theyre actually proper glasses.
Munakata: Lets see, lets see, let me try them on. What do you think?
*Fushimi and Awashima are desperately trying not to burst out laughing*
Munakata: Hahaha. No good. Now I look like Im with the mafia.
*Fushimi and Awashima keep valiantly trying not to laugh out loud*
Fushimi: This is too much.
Munakata: As the head of Scepter 4 that represents the mainstay of order, I cannot possibly have that.
*all three are laughing*
Munakata: It gives me a particularly evil look when I put these on, if I do say so myself. I understand now. I shall avoid the sunglasses type and settle on this, after all.
Awashima: Eh, but isnt that?
Fushimi: Theyre the same ones youve been wearing till now.
Munakata: Yes, they are. The familiar design is the best, as expected. I will simply have the lenses replaced with the suitable ones. What do you think, Awashima-kun, Fushimi-kun?
Fushimi: Well if youre OK with that, Captain, we have no objections either.
Awashima: Indeed! As I thought, I have a feeling that these glasses suit you the best, Captain.

Munakata: How is it going, Awashima-kun?
Awashima: Ah? Captain!
Munakata: Hehe, are you tired?
Awashima: No, it is just that children really are full of boundless energy. Theyre having me wrapped around their little fingers.
Munakata: Where is Fushimi-kun?
Awashima: Uhh, he was here until just a little while ago. But the children who love video games had him come with them and it seems he followed them inside.
Munakata: Hehehe. Although he always makes a displeased face, he is rather good at taking care of others.
Awashima: The face he made this time looked very annoyed.
Munakata: Hahaha.
Awashima: The children seem to really like you, Captain.
Munakata: I have to wonder about that. Oh well, it is true that the little rascals have been pouncing upon me and hitting me with a ball countless times. And also, they keep calling me sensei. Although I keep correcting them, being so busy leaves me thoroughly defeated on the matter. I am in no position to teach, being only a visiting minor official.
Awashima: Ah, heh. Captain, can I ask something?
Munakata: Yes, what is it?
Awashima: Why did you decide to hold this event at a time like now?
Munakata: Indeed. The primary reason is because I promised, but maybe I also wanted to make sure.
Awashima: Make sure? Of what, exactly?
Munakata: Of the things that we protect, that we fight for. I may have wanted to see for myself that these children and their future is safely protected.
Awashima: Captain
Munakata: Awashima-kun, I
Kid: Ah, Munakata-sensei, found you! Youre full of openings! Here I go!
*the shield flares up*
Kid: Wow, so pretty! So much blue!
Awashima: C-Captain?!
Kid: Say, say, sensei, what was it just now? I threw the ball at your back, but it bounced off! Something blue and shiny reflected it!
Munakata: Haha, that was the famous Munakata magic!
Kid: Munakata magic?
Munakata: That is right. But it is a secret, so please do not tell the other children about it, okay?
Kid: Uh-huh, got it, sensei! See you later!
Munakata: *sigh* My, my.
Awashima: Captain? Just now, what?!
Munakata: Awashima-kun.
Awashima: Yes, sir?
Munakata: My defense activated on its own from a mere ball thrown at me by a child. How unskilled of me.
Awashima: Captain!
Munakata: Awashima-kun, that is all there is to it. Nothing more than that.

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