Optician’s, Another Side (Blue Side)

Optician’s, Another Side by Miyazawa Tatsuki

It was an accident, caused by a series of unfortunate events, that a general affairs clerk, Yoshino Yayoi, stepped on the glasses of Zenjou Gouki, who was quietly working in the file room of Scepter 4, and broke them. Yoshino was coming through the door, carrying a mountain of paperwork in her arms, when the black cat, Kuro, tried to slip past her legs, startling her and causing her to throw all the documents up in the air.

As a result, she started to topple over and Zenjou, who was about to take a sip of his tea, on a conditioned reflex immediately made to support her, which, in turn, knocked the glasses he was wearing off his face and onto the floor. Yoshino panicked and, wanting to regain her balance as fast as possible, accidentally stepped on said glasses with all her might, shattering their lenses.

All these happenings took no more than 5 seconds.

“I’m so sorry! Please allow me to pay for them!”

Yoshino kept apologizing and bowing her head to him, but Zenjou only shook his head a little and, with a somewhat strained smile, said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad that you’re not injured.”

Still, Yoshino was adamant about wanting to provide recompense for the glasses.

“All right. If that makes you feel better. But…” Zenjou was not about to give in and accept her offer as is. “These glasses were rather worn out to begin with, and I was going to buy a new pair in the near future anyway. So we’ll split the cost in half, okay?”

That was how the two ended up heading together in the direction of the optician shop.



In front of the shop, a big shock was awaiting Yoshino, when the two of them bumped into their superiors, starting with Munakata Reishi, who was accompanied by Awashima Seri and Fushimi Saruhiko.

On their part, the superiors also seemed to be quite surprised at the sudden meeting.


Awashima was staring at them with wide eyes, and even Fushimi muttered, “Heeh,” under his breath. Only Munakata Reishi and Zenjou Gouki stayed completely unfazed, as was expected of them.

Without missing a beat, Munakata asked with a smile, “What a coincidence to meet you here, Zenjou-san. Do you also have a business in this shop?”
“Yes, I do. I came to buy a replacement for my broken glasses,” Zenjou replied politely.
“U-Um, excuse me…” Yoshino found it in herself to interrupt them, despite being nervous around Munakata Reishi. “I was the one who accidentally broke Zejou-san’s glasses when I stepped on them!” She explained, apparently for Zenjou’s sake.

Zenjou made a slightly troubled face at that.

“I see. I have a grasp on your circumstances. Well then, Yoshino-kun, please choose a good pair of glasses for Zenjou-san.”

Although Zenjou’s expression turned sour at the statement, Yoshino answered cheerfully, “Y-Yes, sir!”

By that time, Awashima seemed to have grasped the situation as well, and decided to bid her farewells, “Yoshino-san, I will see you tomorrow.”
“Yes, ma'am. Please do your best at the Cheer up event in the kindergarten!”

With a smile on her lips, Awashima started to walk away. Fushimi, although he threw a glance at the two, said nothing, apparently not interested.

As Munakata and his companions took their leave, Zenjou politely bowed in their direction.

“The Captain really seems to be doing well,” Yoshino was showing a little smile. “Even despite being so busy.”

Zenjou raised his head, and suddenly, she became aware of the sharp look he now had in his eyes. “I-Is something wrong?”

Two or three more seconds Zenjou kept gazing with an eerie stare at Munakata’s retreating back, but before long the look in his eyes softened. “Must be my imagination. Never mind me.” Then, in a serene voice, he prompted Yoshino, “Yoshino-kun. Like the Captain said, I would be grateful if you helped me select new glasses.”
“Of course, Zenjou-san!” Yoshino beamed happily.

That was how Zenjou came in possession of a pair of red-rimmed and quite fashionable glasses. He was hesitant about wearing them at first, doubting if this kind of glasses really suited an unrefined person like him, but his new look was surprisingly well received in Scepter 4, and so, the matter was settled.

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